Master the art of persuasion through visually compelling videos and images

Well-crafted videos and photographs are made by creative minds. Showcasing these visual displays on your website or social media accounts adds legitimacy to your business. Skillful and adept videographers have sufficient experience in conceptualizing and editing shoots. Compared to amateur pictures or videos taken from your smartphone, they have professional and credible appeal.

Research has shown that professionally made and persuasive videos leave 71% of consumers impressed and convinced about the brand, identity and the quality of service of the companies. When the brand shares profound messages or tickles the imagination packaged in brilliant videos like Johnny Walker’s Dear Brother or Etihad Airways’ Nicole Kidman ads, the viewers are mesmerized because the concepts are fresh but they are still consistent with the brands’ identities. The civic arm of corporate brands can launch campaigns such as the Like a Girl movement of Always to establish their commitment to women empowerment.  Video ads have proven effective in spurring memorable and relevant public response which has inspired people to act for the common good. Powerful photographs posted in billboards and social media have changed lives.

Videos and photographs are visual marketing weapons

  1. Uniquely highlights products and services
  2. Reinforce brand values and identity
  3. Beautiful concepts resonate with consumers
  4. Reestablish the integrity of businesses
  5. Strengthens the public perception of brands’ civic initiatives

We, at Flying Pigs, listen to your vision and we interpret it into stunning videos and photographs to showcase your brand’s capacity for creating worthwhile products, services, projects and campaigns. Collaborative effort is vital and we are ready to work alongside you for achieving exceptional results.