Our Story

“You should always have a well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads.”
– Matt Cutts


What we have are numerous solutions to address the challenges of your brand or business. Flying Pigs Creative Agency was reinvented to provide a wider array of digital marketing services to our clients.

In the past, we designed websites, graphics and animations but we discovered the need for more services in order to cater to our target market. We have evolved into a full-service production company since then and we determined areas for development. Our services today encompass animation and explainer videos, brand development and strategy, web and social, mobile app and gaming, illustration & graphic design as well as videography & photography. Our arms are wide open to tackle a diverse set of creative projects required by our clients.

The Logo

In addition, our logo has also experienced an upgrade. The above image is our old logo, even though it still looked fine we wanted to adjust it to our new name. Now, the new logo image below has a crisp and streamlined design which characterizes our own brand identity. We like to simplify solutions for the businesses and companies that we serve.

The Office

On top of that, we are happy to announce that we have transferred to a bigger and better location. Currently, we are based in the heart of Wollongong, Australia not far from the Wollongong train station with a picturesque view of the escarpment out the back. We have first-rate facilities to serve our clients in the best way possible.

The Website

Equally pleased with our growth, we are showing you a new and improved version of the Flying Pigs Creative Agency website. As you can see, we have a simple and up-to-date design that you can navigate easily and quickly. Our mobile-friendly website has also been incorporated so you can access us anytime, anywhere.

Complete Corporate Identity


Website Redesign


Corporate Rebranding

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

  • Brand 50% 50%
  • Product 75% 75%
  • Visual Identity 60% 60%
  • Modification 85% 85%

We Rethought Everything

With our new brand re-positioning makes us different like ever before. Now we want to help you steer through your own path as a brand or business with an original identity. Let’s exchange creative ideas and come up with a stellar Plan A!