Have you ever wondered whether or not your brand stands out? Where it communicates exactly who you are and what your business stands for? Strong and unique brands increase your company value – but they don’t grow overnight! Our five easy tips can help you transform your brand so that it communicates and represents the true essence of your organisation.


Technically speaking, a brand is a name, term, symbol, design or a combination of these that identifies the product or services of a company and differentiates it from those of competitors.

In other words, your brand is your identity. It’s what comes to mind when people think about your business and what they feel when they interact with your products or services.

A brand includes visual elements like your logo, colour palette and tagline, but it also includes things like your values, your voice and the unique experience you offer to your customers.

In today’s market, customers come to know a brand in so many different ways – from advertising, to interacting with customer service, to recommendations from friends. By managing each customer’s experience with your brand and ensuring you communicate your brand consistently across every channel, you can create a positive and unique brand image that will allow you to stand out and ultimately be remembered.

Here are 5 easy steps to helping you make your brand as amazing and unique as you!

1. Define your brand

How would you describe your brand in three words? Is it fun, energetic and playful? Sophisticated, luxurious and classy? Try and pick words that describe how you want people to FEEL when they think about, interact with or see your brand.

Now describe your brand in one sentence. Do this in a way that someone who has never heard of your brand before can understand exactly what products or services it offers.

By defining your brand in the simplest terms, you can really work out what your brand is at its core. It means that every decision you make will always align with your brand and what it stands for.

2. A brand is more than just a logo

So many organisations fall into the trap of believing a brand is just a logo design. Clients come to us and say ‘I need to improve my brand… can you design a new logo for my company?’

Whilst a unique logo design is important, there’s so much more involved in developing a strong and memorable brand!

A brand is your personality and your voice. It is a reflection of your company culture and values, and how your business is structured. It’s the way you answer the phone, the way you write your emails, the way you convey yourself to clients and customers.

A brand is what you want consumers to feel, think and believe about your company and the products and services it offers. When someone talks about your business, whether that’s in an online or offline space, what associations and impressions do you want to come to mind?

Your brand must be expressed in everything that you do – both internally and externally, and both online and offline.

3. Make your brand consistent

Every aspect of your brand must be consistent and cohesive across every possible channel and consumer contact point. This means both tangible and intangible elements of your brand!

Are the colours and fonts the same across all your designs? Do you speak with one voice on every communication channel? Are the images you use similar across your Facebook, Instagram and blog? Does your customer service team follow a similar approach whenever they interact with customers?

By ensuring every aspect of your brand is consistent you are forming one cohesive and clear brand presence. This makes your brand feel more dependable and recognisable to consumers, allowing them to develop a stronger and more positive image of your brand in their mind.

4. What makes your brand unique?

In today’s business landscape your brand is competing with so many others for consumer’s attention, time and money.

For example, there’s no use in trying to develop a jewellery brand if you just sell “nice jewellery”. Consumers can purchase jewellery from thousands of different brands – both online and offline – so why would they choose yours?

If you consider three distinctive jewellery brands it is clear to see how each of them offers a unique selling point despite the fact that they all essentially deliver the same product.

Tiffany & Co – a luxury jewellery company that offers quality and an exceptional customer service experience
Pandora – a contemporary jewellery company that offers personal storytelling through elegant, customisable charms
Lovisa – a fast fashion jewellery retailer that offers on trend jewellery at an affordable price

When determining what it is that makes your brand unique, there are three key questions you must ask yourself:

1. What is it that your consumers want and expect from brands in your category?
2. Can your brand deliver that?
3. Can your brand deliver that better than your competitors?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all three questions then that is the unique differentiator that should be the basis of your branding.

This will ensure your brand stands out amongst your competitors in the minds of consumers, increasing your customer growth and retention.

5. Who are you talking to?

Once you’ve decided what is unique about your brand, you then need to decide who you are delivering that uniqueness to.

Many businesses fall into the trap of trying to serve as many customers as possible. That’s how you grow a profitable business… right?

Unfortunately, your brand can’t cater to everyone. You need to decide which people (or group of people) your brand is speaking to – and in as much detail as possible!

What is their age, gender, income, address and occupation? What are their activities, interests and opinions? What is their lifestyle and purchasing behaviour? The questions are endless but they will allow you to tailor your communications to speak to and attract the right customers. This helps growing your overall brand and increase profits!

And there you have it!

Five easy steps to improve your brand. Are there any other things you have done to develop your brand? Or do you have any questions related to branding?

Comment below or get in touch to find out how we can make your brand stand out!


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