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Piñatas are all fun and games, unless you’re an actual piñata of course. A short film using 2D hand drawn animation that was shown at the 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival and awarded in the “Best of the Next” category.

Seventh Day Adventist Church Animation

The lovely people at Seventh Day Adventists Church wanted us to create an intro animation for their presentations. The animation was made by combining 3D elements with 2D imagery.

To Hell with Smack!

We created the cover art image for the memoir ‘To Hell With Smack’. This interesting read follows Rex Knowland’s life in 1970s Sydney, Australia. Whether you’re battling an addiction or trying to help a loved one find a path that leads out of the darkness, you’ll be inspired by the candid tale of recovery, redemption, and success in To Hell with Smack. Rex provides an insight into what it takes to achieve long term recovery from addiction.

You can view and purchase here.

Gorilla Constructions

We worked closely with Gorilla Constructions to develop their website. Gorilla Constructions website now has a sleek new modern look to match their outstanding services.

You can view the website at www.gorillaconstructions.com.au

Charlies Liquor Barn

We designed the character ‘Charlie’ from Charlies Liquor Barn! We also animated Charlie for promotional signs and the 2015 footy tipping animation guide. You can use their app to access specials and low prices every day right in the palm of your hand.

Here is the link to the website and the app.

Wild One

Wild One is a family owned beverage company providing healthy and natural juices, sparkling mineral waters. This Wollongong Company approached us to design a website having the jungle theme we created a sophisticated, yet playful website.

We also designed a new bottle for Wild One. With this design we wanted to create a misty impression to the name with an island/jungle feel.

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